A Trick of the Light

Polizzotto, Caroline

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Trick of the Light/Polizzotto, Ca/Hardb/1863683453/S054-A1


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Publisher: Fremantle Arts Centre Press
ISBN-13: 9781863683456
Binding: Hardback
Year Published: 2001
My memories are at odds with the photo albums. Family snaps generally show smiling faces. The crying child is edited out before the photo is taken, the camera put down, the child comforted. Cleaned up, wiped down; if all else fails, the camera can be put away for another day. Videos are different. The genre of the home video seems to admit - indeed it seems to favour - crying children, toddlers tripping over, dogs grabbing ice-creams from wavering hands. It seems to be allowed in the world of moving film for a child to choose to cry. Not in the world of the family snap, though; and certainly not in the fifties.
ID: 19482
Code: FA000152