Altered Genes II: The Future?

Hindmarsh, Richard/ Lawrence, Geoffrey

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Altered Genes II: The Future?/Hindmarsh, Ric/Paper/0908011598/S055-E2


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Publisher: Scribe Publications
ISBN-13: 9780908011599
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2001
The first edition of Altered Genes (1998) sold out within a year. This revised edition offers an up-to-date account of the ethical, social, and ecological issues arising from biotechnology and genetic engineering.

Only yesterday, cloned animals sounded like the stuff of science fiction; today, cloned human beings are proposed. As scientists cut and paste genes from species to species to create novel organisms, or to identify genes associated with specific diseases, biological frontiers are being radically redrawn. Though promising much, the emerging technology also threatens to disrupt evolution and to usher in new forms of social control. Our traditional notions of the very foundations of life itself - previously sacrosanct concepts such as food, nature, and the human body - are already being challenged.

With twelve penetrating essays by Australian and New Zealand specialists, and an introduction by award-winning scientist David Suzuki, this book provides the essential background and raises the appropriate questions for an informed public debate on a profound subject that will touch everyone's lives.
ID: 18162
Code: AB000056