ANZAC Day: The Undying Debt

Pavils, J. G.

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ANZAC Day: The Undying Debt/Pavils, J. G./Paper/1921013125/S003-B


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Publisher: Lythrum Press
ISBN-13: 9781921013126
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2007
Many historians have written about æAnzacÆ, especially in terms of æmythÆ or ælegendÆ, but few have considered Anzac Day as a part of Australian culture. Numerous writers associate the 1915 Gallipoli landing with a nascent Australian consciousness or national identity, but no historian has outlined in book form the emergence of Anzac Day rituals in 1915 or the acceptance of a national æDebt of HonourÆ.

This book uses archival documents, media reports and material evidence of Anzac Day to illustrate the beginnings of commemorative days as a part of Australian culture. Anzac Day: The Undying Debt covers the rise and fall, and rise again, of Anzac Day. It illustrates changes in the observance of Anzac Day made to accommodate the increasing age and disability of South Australian ex-servicemen and women and the inclusion of groups of multicultural Australians within the ranks of the Anzac Day march.

It also highlights changing attitudes within local communities towards war memorials brought about by mergers of local councils and religious institutions. At the same time, Anzac Day: The Undying Debt illustrates the reinforcement of a national æDebt of GratitudeÆ by both Labor and Liberal Federal Governments.
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Code: WP000057