Battle Lines: Australian Artists at War

Bevan, Scott

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Battle Lines: Australian Artists at Wa/Bevan, Scott/Paper/1740513290/S051-C2


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Publisher: Random House Australia
ISBN-13: 9781740513296
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2005
What is it like to be an artist in war? How does the experience of war change artists and how, in turn, has their work changed AustraliansÆ view of themselves, their country and their involvement in conflict?

Award-winning journalist Scott Bevan put these questions to Australian artists who have recorded, been affected by and responded to theatres of war, including Sir William Dargie, Nora Heysen, Ray Parkin, Bruce Fletcher, Rick Amor, Ray Beattie, Wendy Sharpe and Peter Churcher.

Their stories are fascinating, painting a vivid picture of the artistsÆ experience of depicting conflict: the hope and tragedy, inspiration and frustration, humanity and beauty that can be found amid the death and destruction of war.

Staining the paper with their own sweat, and drawing with whatever materials they had to hand in hostile and dangerous environments, the artists in Battle Lines: Australian Artists at War risked their lives to create their art. They were compelled to record what they were seeing, from Alan MooreÆs bleak sketches of the horror of the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, to Ray ParkinÆs drawings of the tropical beauty that lay just beyond the barbed wire of the Japanese prisoner-of-war camp he was interned in, to Rick AmorÆs imposing and thought-provoking oil paintings of the destruction in East Timor in 1999.

These artists have shaped how we see war, immortalising soldiers and battles. From World War II to Vietnam and the war against terrorism, the war artist has opened our eyes and perceptions to historic events that might otherwise have been censored, distorted or forgotten. In the process they have created some extraordinary art û beautiful, harrowing, mesmerising and character defining.
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