c0ck: Adventures in Masculitity

Macrae, Andrew / Stevenson, Keith (Editors)

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c0ck: Adventures in Masculitity/Macrae, Andrew/Paper/0646462067/S011-D


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Publisher: Coeur de Lion
ISBN-13: 9780646462066
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2006
From the introduction by Keith Stevenson and Andrew Macrae:

c0ck is an anthology of stories that question and problematise the male perspective from within. There's a heavy dose of irony in our use of the word c0ck in the title. The male viewpoint is the dominant one in Western culture, and to speak as white and male is to occupy a position of power. This is not an anti-feminist project. This not a 'men's movement' project, nor is it a backlash against feminism. It doesn't aim to redress some kind of perceived imbalance in representations of men. That's why we felt it was important it should also be open to women writers.

c0ck is an attempt to look at a theme that desn't really get much attention in the mainstream, despite the fact that the male perspective, the male gaze, is the dominant, defining and default position in our cultural products. And in fact, one of the effects of this dominance is that maleness gets reduced, and simplified, and overdetermined. We start to take for granted that we know what it means. We start to lose sight of other possibilities for masculinity.

So we wanted to do a project that would mess with that, and hopefully shift around and overlay some different meaning s about what it is to be male. c0ck is a genuine attempt to interrogate masculinity. And hopefully you'll enjoy the fruits of our labour.
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