Cherish Your Last Breath

Ryan, Sherraleagh Corrine

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Cherish Your Last Breath/Ryan, Sherrale/Paper/1412046793/S053-D2


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Publisher: Trafford
ISBN-13: 9781412046794
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2005
Here I sit in a cold dark room wondering if you know what's really going on in my head, is it sane or am I going out of my mind? How did I get here? What am I doing? does anyone know i'm here? Is there anyone out there? that is still alive or is it just me, someone anyone help me, if anyone can here me I need help.

A small country town set amongst the bushland of South East Queensland, it all unfolds when a detective of the Crime Investigations Bureau of the small town reopens a case that was to stay closed. He upsets all in the process until he finds out that he falls into the brink of it all when he himself is kidnapped and tortured by the deranged killer that has just resurfaced. Detective Taylor's world starts to fall apart rite under his nose with the hallucinations and the kidnaps and the murders that continue to start all over again.

Daniel a deranged physcopathic killer mother and father had a bad affect on him as a child and he finds that he feels safe when he hides himself behind a alien's mask. Does he really think that people are out to hurt him? Did his family have that much affect on him as a child?

Miss Bradshaw is a new Detective that is brought in to be put on the case when Detective Taylor can't keep up to the standard of a real detective. But is she the brilliant detective they suspect her to be or does she have a deep dark secret. The love, hate, betrayal and murder when the person you never suspect turns out to be the culprit all along.
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