Chopper 10 1/2: The Popcorn Gangster

Read, Mark Brandon

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Chopper 10 1/2: The Popcorn Gangster/Read, Mark Bra/Paper/0957912102/S001-B


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Publisher: Floradale Productions and Sly Ink
ISBN-13: 9780957912106
Series: Chopper
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2001
"Mark Brandon Read is clearly a suitable case for treatment." - Vanessa Thorpe, Observer (UK).

"He has never pretended to be Robin Hood." - Patrick Barkham, The Guardian (UK).

"An entertaining nutcase." - The Sunday Times.

"Chopper is nothing if not fearless." - New York Times.

"Mark Chopper Read, a living legend...he's vicious, he's a brute." - Elmore Leonard, world-acclaimed crime novelist.

"Read is a publicity stunt on hairy legs." - John Anderson, Newsday (US).

"Ultimately Chopper is a sad case." - John Clark, LA Times.

"Ecrits en prison, les livres de Chopper sont devenus des best-sellers." - FHM (France).

"Here's the really scary part: Chopper is fact, not fiction, and he's still alive." - Anthony Lane, New Yorker.

"The tale of a brute and a braggart." - The New Yorker.

"An Australian folk hero." - New York Times.
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