Fire Cult

Shaw, R. B.

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Publisher: Tropicana Press
ISBN-13: 9780958141802
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2002
Gunrunning, intrigue, tribal cults and lost gold amid the erupting volcanic islands of New Guinea.

Dave Stark is salvaging a crashed jetliner while Fang Mitchell is gunrunning in a revamped warplane. They are recruited by two suspicious Japanese to search for their lost father's remains...or a fortune in stolen gold dust. In a race to find the gold, they trek through the jungled river gorges and primitive tribes of the Finisterre Ranges, following an elusive trail of ancient clues.

There is only one man who can help. Ted, a tormented old soldier haunted by horrific nightmares of Japanese atrocities, fanatical cults and erupting volcanoes. The minute Ted steps onto the trail he embarks on a tortuous journey of self-discovery. Their quest climaxes violently amid volcanic eruptions on an exotic island controlled by a demonic chief and his fire-worshipping cult. Planes, helicopters and boats clash in a final deadly pursuit across the Bismarck Sea.

"...Fire Cult is a ripping good yarn with equal appeal for both male and female readers. R. B. Shaw is a storyteller with an awesome talent and a gift for gripping descriptive prose. Claims by his agent that he could become Australia's answer to Wilbur Smith could well be taken seriously. This engrossing novel has a most ingenious plot with an ongoing sense of immediacy. The build up of tension and suspense keeps one turning the pages. This fast-paced tale of heroism, terror and sickening sadism would be perfect for a thrill-a-minute action movie." - Writespot International.

"...This is R. B. Shaw's second novel. Many will remember Island in the Sky, an excellent yarn written by someone with personal experience. His ability to conceive a plot and tell it well was also most evident. When I reviewed it, his fast racy style and descriptions of the countryside delighted me. Fire Cult does not disappoint. Shaw holds the reader's attention from start to finish. I intended reading Fire Cult on the plane to UK, but two days prior I made the 'mistake' of opening the first page. I had long sine finished it before I left - such was the fervour with which I devoured the story. In the finale the reader is constantly excited as the book builds to a thrilling climax." - David Cooke, former reviewer, AOPA.
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