Going Organic: Your Guide to a Healthier Life

Abbey, Kris

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Going Organic: Your Guide to a Healthi/Abbey, Kris/Paper/1742574319/S036-C


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Publisher: New Holland
ISBN-13: 9781742574318
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2013
Going Organic is the crucial guide for anyone seeking a healthier lifestyle and anyone who understands that the old adage, æyou are what you eatÆ still rings as true today as it ever did. The organic industry is booming as more and more average consumers demand food and other goods that have been produced without the use of harmful chemical farming practices, which in the long-term endanger our health and our environment. By going organic many people feel happier about what they are doing for their own health and pleased to learn that they are doing their bit to help the environment, but they are often simply amazed to rediscover real flavour and taste.

Food is a great starting point for bringing natural organic goods into your life, but it doesnÆt stop there. Lifting the lid on the truth about the health risks involved in many daily aspects of our modern lives, from GM (genetically modified foods to hair dyes, from house paint to face moisturisers, Going Organic directs you to the plethora of great organic alternatives on the market that donÆt compromise style, function, taste or flavour, From basic foodstuffs to luxury gourmet ingredients, fine wines, beer and coffee to cosmetic ingredients, medicinal plants extracts, clothing materials, household cleaning products and much, much more, this book show that going organic is fast-becoming the way of the future, and the way to better long-term health and wellbeing.
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