Cornwell, Bernard

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Publisher: HarperCollins
ISBN-13: 9780007310302
Series: Grail Quest
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2009
Harlequins are lost souls, so loved by the devil that he would not take them to hell, but left them to roam the world. In French the word is hellequin and that is what they called the English archers who cam across the Channel to lay waste the towns and countryside.

Thomas of Hookton is one of those archers. When his village is sacked by raiders, he escapes from his father's ambition for him to become a priest, and becomes an archer in the army of King Edward III. The King and his son, the Black Prince, are going to France with a great force of knights and men-at-arms; it is led by great lords, but it is the archers, the common men, who will decide the success or failure of the invasion.

Thomas, his previous world and promises forgotten, revels in the life of an army at war and, even among those fighting men, becomes known for his wildness and his fearsome skills. He falls in love with a Breton widow, one of the enemy and of a different class, and his pursuit of her makes him into a fugitive, hunted by the French and English alike. But an adversary rescues him, leading him into a world where lovers become enemies and enemies become friends. There, hidden beyond the horizon smeared by the smoke of fires set by the rampaging English army, a man from the past awaits him, a man who possesses something Thomas once made a sacred promise to retrieve.

And this shadowy enemy could harness the power of Christendom's greatest relic, the grail itself.

In this, the first book of The Grail Quest series, Thomas begins his journey. It leads him through the fields of France into hard times when hunger abrades an army's ability to survive and the French corner the hated hellequin on a hillside near the village of Crecy. There, in the midst of that first great battle of what would become known as the Hundred Years' War, Thomas will decide his loyalty at last.
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Code: HC001527