Cusworth, Martin

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Publisher: Astar
ISBN-13: 9780987231116
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2013
Maggie Morris was born into the world of The Brotherhood, a fundamentalist religious sect. For almost eighteen years she has endured isolation and subservience in a closed, male-dominated community that considers women to be "the lesser of God's beings".

On the cusp of womanhood, Maggie is facing enforced marriage to a person she despises. The only alternative to this marriage is the horrifying excommunication known as Exclusion where she would be cast out, totally alone and considered dead and lost to Satan by her family and the entire Brotherhood community.

At the eleventh hour she discovers a letter, written to her father, that offers a tiny speck of hope. Bravely she sets out on a quest for freedom and to find a previously unknown sibling who she hopes will not reject her.

Her search takes her to Harmony, a commune of damaged people who seek solace in an environment where there are no rules beyond the simple adage of "Do no harm to others".

The ethos of Harmony is the exact opposite to that of The Brotherhood, but there are secrets here too. Maggie must unravel the mystery to find the person she seeks.
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