HMAS Sydney 1941: The Analysis

Bathgate, Greg

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HMAS Sydney 1941: The Analysis/Bathgate, Greg/Paper/1921054395/S007-G


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Publisher: Boolarong Press
ISBN-13: 9781921054396
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2007
When HMAS Sydney disappeared with all hands after engaging the disguised German raider HSK Kormoran on the night of November 19, 1941, 645 families were affected by the disaster. Today, there are thousands of relatives who have been wondering all these years of the true events and circumstances which caused Sydney's demise and of the location of the grave site. Unless HMAS Sydney is located, the plethora of opinions and theories that abound will continue to remain unsubstantiated and her disappearance, an ongoing mystery. Finding Sydney will allow a detailed examination of the vessel and make possible a determination of the cause of the disaster, as well as testing the veracity of the German version of events.

The Analysis constructively examines Sydney's final resting place and that of Kormoran in a systematic and analytical approach. It makes independent adjudications and seeks to justify the outcomes and conclusions. In order to obtain the most accurate results, considerable emphasis has been placed on ascertaining the navigational, meteorological and oceanographic aspects. The communication network, the international politics of the period and the intrigue of the intelligence services is canvassed for possible concealment of the facts. A reconstruction of timetables and schedules was necessary to identify positions and to confirm the sequence of events.

Initially, the book focuses on developing the criteria necessary for locating the elusive grave sites of both vessels. From the known and reconstructed data and from information supplied by the Kormoran survivors, it has been possible to identify the confines of a search area of limited parameters that is worthy of exploration. In consideration of the logical actions and reactions taken by the protagonist, Captain Joseph Burnett and his adversary, Kapitan Theodore Anton Detmers, this account also portrays a detailed and plausible analysis of the action and establishes the relative positions of the vessels at various times during the interception and engagement phases.

These outcomes could not have been achieved without an in-depth study of the prevailing sea conditions and as a result, by using conventional methods, a determination has been made of the area of origin of the items of flotsam found by the search vessels. It is also revealed that the location of Sydney and Kormoran lies within an area which can explain the peculiarities of wind and current drift and indeed, even some of the erstwhile unsubstantiated rumours.

All of these findings have been depicted in the form of sixty-two original diagrams for the benefit of the reader. The preparedness to document the findings should assist others to share in the search for the vessels and to ultimately locate them. More importantly, it may bring some comfort to those relatives, who covet so much, that finding the grave site, should result in closure to sixty-six years of disquiet and uncertainty.
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