Holden Days: From the Original 48-215 FX to the 1966 HR

Loffler, Don

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Holden Days: From the Original 48-215 /Loffler, Don/Hardb/1743051158/S016-G


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Publisher: Wakefield Press
ISBN-13: 9781743051153
Binding: Hardback
Year Published: 2012
This fifth Holden book by Don Loffler is a new initiative. It extends beyond the first two Holden series, the 48-215 'FX' and the FJ, and comprises a chapter on each of the first 10 Holden series, finishing with the 1966 HR.

It is amazing that, although Don has already published over 1500 different photographs of FX and FJ Holdens in his first four books, he has tracked down another 100 new images for this book and, in addition, 300 photographs covering the FE to HR chapters. All images are from the era in which the cars were in their heyday.

While the search and research for the images has involved considerable time and expense, the process has brought the handsome rewards of many new friendships and useful contacts for future books. As a result, his plans for a sixth book are well underway. This time, the book will feature photographs of rare and usual examples of the first 10 Holden series, with most of the vehicles being superbly restored, often from shocking wrecks.
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