Hornet's Nest

Cornwell, Patricia

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Publisher: Little, Brown
ISBN-13: 9780316882538
Binding: Hardback
Year Published: 1997
Violence is swarming in Charlotte, and Deputy Chief Virginia West has a mood to match. Another out-of-town businessman has been found murdered in his hire car, a wise-ass detective has taken her parking slot, the new police headquarters still resembles a construction site and her boss is telling her to go out on patrol as escort to a reporter. To Virginia the press is the enemy and her first encounter with Andy Brazil - lounging in her office taking notes while she was on the phone - raises her blood pressure as high as the headquarters of the USBank Corporate Centre, which houses a whole bunch of other enemies. Andy Brazil has two driving ambitions, either to be a writer or to be a cop, and the agreement between his publisher and Chief of Police Judy Hammer allowing him to ride patrol is an opportunity beyond his wildest dreams, and the way he makes a complete fool of himself on his first outing is beyond his wildest nightmares. However, after a few routine calls, one hi-jacked ambulance and a murder scene, West grudgingly begins to acknowledge that Brazil is on her side; he's turning in positive copy for the news pages and doesn't get in the way, much. She also has other reasons for increasing her nicotine intake: departmental in-fighting, court appearances, her boss coping with an obese husband, and a never-ending stream of burglaries, busts and bodies. Then, just as he begins to feel that he is winning West's and Hammer's confidence, Brazil discovers someone is stealing his stories, and he is unwittingly caught up in the power game being played between the city's leading lights. With great style, humor and empathy Patricia Cornwell brings policing a city to three-dimensional life with verve and fast-moving tension. It is entertainment of the highest calibre.
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