Laugh Again, Kinta!

Leane, Heather Joy

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Laugh Again, Kinta!/Leane, Heather/Paper/0646483315/S060-L


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Publisher: Sunbeam Books
ISBN-13: 9780646483313
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2007
It must have been a faraway place, surely a long time ago...

Kinta does not feel at all like laughing when he realises heÆs been separated from his family. Can he remember how to laugh when it might be the only way to find another kookaburra in this strange new place?

Laugh again, Kinta! is suitable as a story for adults to read to younger children or for an older child to read themselves. Consideration has been made to children with reading difficulties, such as dyslexia, with font choice, generous line spacing and the selection of matt paper for printing.

As well as reading his story you can also follow Kinta's journey on the game board-style timeline surrounding each main illustration, as new players come and go. You can look out for Kinta's dragonfly companion, sometimes hidden, sometimes in plain view.

The bookÆs last page features information on kookaburras and a brief history of their introduction to Western Australia.
ID: 190592
Code: AA000535