Love Falls in Love with Love

Wollert, Mocco (Words) / Clelland, Glenise (Images)

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Love Falls in Love with Love/Wollert, Mocco/Hardb/1921479612/S019-A


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Publisher: Digital Publishing Centre
ISBN-13: 9781921479618
Binding: Hardback
Year Published: 2010
This is a book for lovers - those that are loved, those that have loved and those that dream of love.It combines the creative talent of an accessible poet and an engaging visual artist. The words evoke pure emotion and the sensitive images are diverse visions of the human form drawn from life.

Mocco Wollert was born in Cologne, Germany and migrated to Australia in the 1950s. Mocco, who writes in both English and German, has had many poems, articles and stories widely published in literary journals, national magazines, newspapers and anthologies. She has also won many prestigious prizes for her writing. Mocco's European origins are reflected in her passionate and sensual writing. The essence of her emotive poems is easily understood and stirs feelings that are universally recognized. The theme of 'Love', 'Loving' and 'Sensuality' are a celebration of observations of ever day life. Mocco often uses a minimum of words to interpret her feelings and is strongly influenced by her love of the Japanese poetry style, Haiku. Mocco now lives with her husband in Queensland, Australia where she has become a respected poet. She is dedicated to making poetry a powerful and expressive voice.

Glenise Clelland is an award winning visual artist from Queensland, Australia . Glenise studied art at the Queensland University of Technology where life drawing was considered paramount to a good art education. In 1976 Glenise won the prestigious Queensland Fashion Awards and was a well known designer of Haute Couture. Her background in Fashion and theatre design gave her a love of colour, form and texture which is evident in all her work today. Her sometimes voluptuous figurative nude drawings and paintings are observations of life and are a homage to, and in praise of, the human form. Glenise's expressive drawings and her colourful paintings sensitively interpret the essence of Mocco Wollert's emotive words and vibrate with vitality and life. Glenise has been exhibiting her work since 1976 and has had over 14 solo exhibitions in Australia and overseas. Her paintings and drawings are in private, Corporate and Government collections. Glenise lives with her husband in Queensland, Australia.
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