Macquarie Essential Dictionary, 5th Edition

Macquarie Library

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Macquarie Essential Dictionary, 5th Ed/Macquarie Libr/Paper/1876429860/S036-C


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Publisher: Macquarie Library
ISBN-13: 9781876429867
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2010
In a convenient and economical format, this dictionary presents over 84,000 definitions, set out in an accessible style, with clear pronunciation guides, and idiomatic phrases listed together at the end of the entry, making them very easy to locate. Based on the full Macquarie Dictionary, which is in its fifth edition, the Essential is completely up-to-date, with words from the cutting edge in such fields as:
  • information technology (brain bank, breadcrumb trail, lifestreaming);
  • science (activated carbon, biofuel, saviour sibling);
  • business (ecotax, footloose industry, freeconomics, global commons);
  • social interest (baby brain, helicopter parenting, latte liberal).

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