Manic Streets of Perth: Anthology

Franklin, Dave

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Publisher: Baby Ice Dogs Press
ISBN-13: 9780958006118
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2005
Dave Franklin's anthology follows the darkly comic fortunes of three journalists.

Manic Streets of Perth: Perth. It's thousands of kilometres from anywhere, it's got a really rubbish Bell Tower and not enough of the placid locals are being eaten by sharks. Well, that's what grumpy ex-pat reporter Paul Lewis thinks. But after a lonely Manic Street Preachers fan reveals her disastrously unlucky life suddenly nothing's the same... Manic Streets of Perth - Where a snake-wielding robber is just the start of your troubles.

'A love-hate letter to our city, full of subtle, not-so-subtle and screamingly raw digs at Dullsville. A laugh-a-minute.' Nick Miller, The West Australian.

'A stream of side-plots make for a fast-paced comedy... No doubt Franklin has inherited the comedy gene shared by his comedian brother Bob.' - Margaret Slocombe, Quest Newspapers.

Looking For Sarah Jane Smith: Marty's not happy. He's living in a Welsh town he hates, doing a job he's lost interest in and so bored he can't be bothered with sex. But a new life beckons in Australia. It's also a chance to get away from his idiotic mates, the loveable loser John and the ultra-macho Wasp Boy. Maybe he'll even meet an exquisite girl like his Doctor Who heroine, Sarah Jane Smith, and live happily ever after... Looking For Sarah Jane Smith - For anyone who's ever suspected life's a bit rubbish.

" agreeably raucous and politically incorrect novel that touches on Doctor Who and men behaving badly. Its strong language and adult scenes make it the perfect Christmas gift for that younger brother or impressionable nephew." David Cohen, The West Australian.

"A hilarious yet poignant rite-of-passage saga... Franklin's prose combines the earthiness of Irvine Welsh with the biting sarcasm of a young Kingsley Amis as he chronicles the adventures and mishaps of Marty and his two loser mates, the angry Wasp and the ultimate pessimist John." - Shirley Stephenson, Community Newspaper Group.

"...if there's one thing that stands out over anything else about this book, it's how bloody funny it is. I actually packed Looking For Sarah Jane Smith for a long-haul flight and such a page-turner did it prove to be, that I finished it within a couple of hours." - Gareth Gorman, Living Abroad Magazine.

"Wales and the search for the ideal woman are the main ingredients in this bitter, crude, but funny book... Franklin uses the book to vent his spleen on Wales and poke gentle fun at the Australia of every British Home and Away/Neighbours-fed immigrant... It is ultimately an affectionate portrayal of friendship. These boys are not particularly likeable, but their story is raw, honest, unsophisticated and deeply rooted in bittersweet reality." - Sarah McNeill, Post Newspapers.

"Screamingly funny." - Dita Jevons, Radio Fremantle.

To Dare A Future: A van driver with abduction and murder on his mind. An eleven-year-old girl snatched on her way home from ballet. A tortured reporter, happy to use her death and the terrifying reign of a child killer to help make his name... To Dare A Future - We all have black thoughts. It's just some of us act on them.

"This is an impressive pacey read, spiced with ethical dilemmas, as well as Franklin's earthy dialogue and humour." Christina Cridland, The Sunday Times.

"Franklin's raw-edged honesty and earthy humour combine to make a compelling portrayal of one man's descent into hell against a backdrop of murder, brutality and desperate love. To Dare a Future is a gritty and vicious novel for the soon-to-be legion of Franklin fans" - Sarah McNeill, Post Newspapers.

'The title may make Dullsville sound exciting, but the protagonist of Manic Streets of Perth is defiantly less than flattering about our fair city. Still, if you like fiction offbeat and on the edgy side, there's plenty of humour, pathos and plain speaking in this anthology from former resident Dave Franklin.' - Scoop Magazine (WA).

'[Franklin] crafts the central players with great ease to such an extent that the hot and mundane Perth streets are secondary. In fact, this enthralling tale could be set in any Australian town or city... Franklin's novel may not be on the shelves of the Western Australian tourist bureau, but if you like an amusing read with a different, and hard-edged, slant you'll be on a fun trip to the West with his effort.' - Paul Lancaster, Quest Newspapers.
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