Milk and Honey

Jolley, Elizabeth

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Milk and Honey/Jolley, Elizab/Paper/1863680179/S049-A1


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Publisher: Fremantle Arts Centre Press
ISBN-13: 9781863680172
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 1984
A self-absorbed young musician comes as a pupil-boarder to the house of an 'old European' family. Gradually his life is taken over and consumed, seemingly, by dark, mysterious forces within as much as outside himself. Milk and Honey is a strangely haunting novel. While much of what we have come to expect and admire in Elizabeth Jolley's work is powerfully present - vivid and diverse characters, pathos, humour and acute perceptions of people and their situations - it is in many ways quite unlike anything she has previously written.

A work of gothic proportions, Milk and Honeyis an astonishing tapestry of character and incident that suprises and yet never fails to convince.

"Gothic with a vengeance… Grotesque, mysterious, haunting, 'Milk and Honey' has all sorts of horrible secrets hidden in its attic." - Boston Globe.

"Jolley's subject is the dual nature of love - love selfish and unselfish, love that destroys and nurtures." - San Francisco Chronicle.

"Poetry of the grotesque… Milk and Honey seems closer to fable and folk tale than to the conventional novel - its European images have been placed in an Australian setting where their shadows become darker and longer…" - New York Times Book Review.

"The richest, the darkest and the most unexpected of Jolley's novels…" - the Times Literary Supplement.
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