Neath Crescent Light: To the Oracle

Rubzen, Marie Lois

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Neath Crescent Light: To the Oracle/Rubzen, Marie /Paper/0980413007/S032-D


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Publisher: Prestige Mark
ISBN-13: 9780980413007
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2007
'I doubt that. She has nowhere to run. And hiding is such a temporary measureà'

Without any memory of their true names or who they once were, a slave boy, a palace guard, a dancer, and a prisoner must evade the clutches of their tyrannical sorcerer king, before he hunts them down.

But why should a sorcerer king want these damned adolescents so badly? What happened in their forgotten past that had led to the down fall of their country? Where they, somehow to blame.

And so begins one more attempt at liberation. One more try for immortal life, or instant death. Battling seemingly insurmountable obstacles, they seek the one person who holds the key to the sorcerer king's defeat, or theirs - and so must race to her. To the oracleà

Neath Crescent Light is a gripping action-and-magic filled fantasy adventure from start to finish. Written by one of Australia's youngest novelists, the book is about the saga of the heroics of four adolescent mage warriors who, together with Jarelle, defied seemingly insurmountable odds against a tyrannical sorcerer king. The book is also about friendship, loyalty and resilience through difficult times. While set in a different world, the theme is very relevant to today's youth.
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