No One's Listening: The Truth in Black and White

Craig, Max

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No One's Listening: The Truth in Black/Craig, Max/Paper/0646430580/S047-C2


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Publisher: Max Craig
ISBN-13: 9780646430584
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2003
No One’s Listening was written not to display his literacy skills but to enable the author to fulfill one of mans basic needs, the need to be heard. His true story of workplace harassment and the years of victimization is a must read for those who believe in equality, human rights and justice. It is a story that will leave the reader questioning the ethics of the legal profession and many Government departments. It will also leave the reader with a totally new image of Australia’s national airline Qantas.

It is hard to imagine that one single word could change a person’s life forever. Max had always acknowledged that he said the one word didgeridoo in front of a work colleague back in March 1995; he has continued to defend his use of the word as nothing more then an innocent comment. However his supervisor, in order to fuel his own personal vendetta against Max; a vendetta that had existed since their heated conversation in 1990, then used this acknowledgement as his way of manipulating senior Qantas management and eventually to have Max dismissed from his employment.

The book leads the reader through the turbulence and trauma that the labeling by Qantas, which was placed upon his name had on Max’s beliefs in equality and justice. It documents many actual letters exchanged between the writer, Qantas, Union officials, Government Ministers as well as extracts from the eventual Supreme Court hearing. This fight for justice and equality left Max financially, psychologically and physically ruined.

As far back as school days Max could remember he had always felt an overwhelming need to speak out about matters of inequality, prejudice and civil liberties. Max had always gain inspiration from many of the true campaigners in history and has always turned to his own philosophy when faced with despair:

“Things happen for a reason”

When deciding to write his book Max reflected back to the words of the late Martin Luther King who once said:

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter”

Max followed advice given to him whilst at school and chose to work in industries that involved interaction with people. Max finally setting down to a career as a fight attendant in February 1984 unfortunately in 1990 the work that Max had enjoyed so much changed forever following a brief heated conversation between his immediate supervisor and himself. From that day onwards Max’s working life became a nightmare.

Max had been a loyal and conscientious flight attendant for nineteen years at the time he was finally dismissed on medical grounds. The years of harassment at the hands of his supervisor and the reluctance of senior Qantas management to assist in halting the harassment finally lead to a series of mental breakdowns and two suicide attempts.

Max now lives in the fulltime care of his partner of almost thirty years Les. His experiences have left him so mentally traumatized that he has lost all faith in the system and all those who failed in their responsibility to assist when called upon. He now lives as a prisoner of his own mind and without trust in the world beyond the front gate, only venturing outside for regular consultations with his psychiatrist.

This fight for justice and equality left Max financially, psychologically and physically ruined. This fight for justice and equality left Max financially, psychologically and physically ruined.

The trauma Max lives with as the result of the actions of Qantas was exacerbated by the frustration of the legal system here in Australia.
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