Amazon Tool Kit

This page is provided to make it easy for Australians to decide if it is better to use the Australian Online Bookshop or and to make the best use of Amazon if you decide to shop there. Here are some useful tools that you can use:

You will want to an easy way to convert US dollars to Australian dollars. Use this cheat sheet that you can print out and keep by your PC as you use Amazon. Rates do change so you should print out a new sheet each time you visit Amazon.

You need to be able to find out about Amazon's shipping options, what each one costs, and how long it will take. Click here for an Amazon page with this information and more specifically for Australians.

Search for books.

When you have finished with the Tool Kit, you may go to our Amazon search page to look for books, go directly to the home page, or return to the Australian Online Bookshop. If you find books at and want to know if they can be purchased through the Australian Online Bookshop (you may want to look at our Amazon Association page first - a number of frequently asked questions are answered there), please send an e-mail enquiry to Bob Hoffman giving the title, author, and any other relevant information. Bob will get back to you within twenty-four hours with a quote for supply.

The Australian Online Bookshop is an independent Australian bookshop. We are dedicated to bringing books to Australians and to making Australian books available to people throughout the world. However, Amazon is the largest online bookshop in the world and it often makes sense for readers to buy from Amazon rather than the Australian Online Bookshop. We recognize this and are happy to leave the decision in the hands of our readers. You can read more about our association with Amazon if you wish.

We at the Australian Online Bookshop will continue to look for ways to improve this tool kit. Please send you suggestions and comments to Bob Hoffman.