Ranger's Apprentice: Oakleaf Bearers (US title: The Battle for Skandia)

Flanagan, John

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Ranger's Apprentice: Oakleaf Bearers (/Flanagan, John/Paper/1864719079/S008-B


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Publisher: Random House Australia
ISBN-13: 9781864719079
Series: Rangers Apprentice, Book 4
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2009
Can sworn enemies fight side by side to save their lives and their kingdoms?

Just as spring approaches and Will and Evanlyn can finally escape Skandia, Evanlyn is carried off by mysterious horsemen. Will sets out after them, but one boy against six fierce Temujai warriors is impossible odds - even for a Ranger's apprentice. Halt and Horace arrive just in time to rescue them, and the four are overjoyed to be reunited. But there is no time to celebrate as Halt realises that the Temujai they discovered are only the scouts for a massive invasion force. The Skandians don't have a chance, unless they accept the help of their sworn enemies from Araluen.
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Code: RH001787