Renton's Enjoy Your English: A Treasure-House for Writers, Editors, Teachers, Students and Lovers of Words

Renton, N. E.

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Renton's Enjoy Your English: A Treasur/Renton, N. E./Paper/1920910697/S014-B


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Publisher: BAS Publishing
ISBN-13: 9781920910693
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2006
There is much interest in English usage these days. This is a book for writers, editors, teachers, students and the business community. As it is quite unlike other books in this genre it will also have a special appeal to all lovers of words.

Part of the book deals with a number of serious issues of relevance to persons wishing to improve the quality of their writing. The rest of the book is in a lighter vein.

Several valuable summaries deal with many common errors of grammar, spelling, punctuation and word usage. In the course of a few pages these cover about 90 per cent of today's problem areas.

Other topics discussed range from plain English to gobbledegook, from online translations to Basic English, and from gender neutral language to Australian metaphors. Also presented are a number of curiosities of the English language and assorted linguistic lists - some useful, others just tongue-in-cheek. The question of just how many words there are in the English language and in a typical person's vocabulary is analysed.

The book also contains four short stories by the present author and some fascinating pieces by three other writers. While light-hearted, each of these carries an important message.

In an entertaining tailpiece the book features a series of jokes about the English language - these will be particularly useful to public speakers.

This book about words contains much material not found elsewhere. It will assist persons engaged in writing activities at all levels to become more articulate. It will expose readers to the richness and diversity of the living English language.
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