Space Travelers: Student Manual

Carter, M. A. / Santomauro, Josie

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Space Travelers: Student Manual/Carter, M. A. /Paper/1931282625/S016-G


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Publisher: Autism Asperger Publishing
ISBN-13: 9781931282628
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2004
Here's what other students have said about the Space Travelers program:
  • It helped me to control my anger.
  • It helped me work well with others.
  • I learned to be a better friend.
  • I learned that thinking bad things is unhelpful.
  • It helped me to have fun without getting into trouble.
  • It helped me to think the right way.
  • I learned there are lots of different things to do if you are angry or upset.
  • I learned different people have different ways to deal with problems.
  • I learned always to look on the bright side of things.
  • I learned to believe in myself.
  • I learned I could fix my own problems by just saying 'sorry' and not fighting.
  • I learned how to help others when they are hurt.
  • I learned how to relax.
  • I learned how to control my feelings.
  • I learned to just walk away from bad things.
  • I learned how to communicate with other people in a helpful way.
  • I learned how to stay calm.
  • I learned everybody has feelings, not just me.
  • I learned how to listen better.
  • I learned how to be kind to people.
  • I learned about working in a team.
  • I learned to never give up.
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