Stop the Wheel...I Want to Get Off!

Campbell, Julian

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Stop the Wheel...I Want to Get Off!/Campbell, Juli/Paper/0975815911/S054-C2


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Publisher: Inner Balance
ISBN-13: 9780975815915
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2005
If you run a business, then you will be intrigued by the life of the emperor penguin. These interesting birds go through unforgiving, life-threatening conditions just to survive each day. All their energies are focussed on ensuring their offspring survive. Very much like you in your business!

A large number of business owners find their business has gone from being the exciting dream it started out to becoming a grind, a chore, millstone around their neck and yes, a treadmill they feel they just can't get off. They put in long hours for little or no return. They employ staff who just don't seem to co-operate. They are always wondering why their sales are down, how to find more customers, and how to stop the competition taking their other customers. They are always scratching for money to pay bills, concerned with their customers who haven't paid them and mounting debt that never seems to go away.

You will enjoy this interesting story as you follow the Young Man's journey in his endeavour to build a very successful business with his Grandfather as his mentor and guide. If you take the time and effort to follow the easy to apply and thought provoking principles in your business you will discover excitement, fulfilment and success in your endeavour.
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