The Beer Lovers Guide to Australia

Kirkegaard, Matt (Editor)

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Publisher: Scribal Publishing
ISBN-13: 9780977565634
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2011
As craft beer continues to win over Australian hearts and palates, a new book sets out to debunk the myth that the best place for a beer is sitting on your couch watching the football.

As microbreweries spring up around the country, the latest edition of The Beer Lovers Guide to Australia shows that while beer can be enjoyed anywhere, it can be worth travelling to savour at the source while discovering the story behind the brew.

Editor Matt Kirkegaard said that while wine has always had a sense of place that lent a touch of romance to a journey to taste it at the source, beer has often suffered through being perceived as a more industrial product.

“That’s changing and, with the rise of small and regional breweries, people are discovering that it is well worth visiting breweries too. Beer can have a sense of the place that it is made. It can also reflect the personality of the men and women who make it and that is well worth discovering. He said people are also discovering that the journey isn’t just one of distance, but one of flavour. “Where beer drinkers have largely been constrained to one style presented a hundred slightly different ways, they now have real choice. Aided by a new generation of brewers who refuse to be constrained by the limits of what we expect from beer, Australians are becoming more aware that they can, in turn, expect a little more from it.”

The Beer Lovers Guide to Australia is every beer lover’s indispensable source for information about beer and breweries, how to get there and why you should go.

A team of Australia’s most passionate beer writers, educators and enthusiasts set out to challenge notions that only wine is worth travelling to enjoy at the source; perceptions that beer is a beverage mainly for blokes, and the belief that the best beers are ones that are cold, crisp and able to be consumed by the carton. The book includes a Location Guide listing Australia’s most passionate beer venues state by state, making it the perfect way to plan your next beer adventure.

There’s never been a better time to drink Australian beer and there’s never been a more comprehensive guide to Australian beers, the people who make them and the best places to drink them.

The updated edition of The Beer Lovers Guide to Australia is a beautifully presented coffee-table book that doubles as a travel guide. Everything you need to know about beer in Australia is included: where, when, and how to appreciate the best of the country"s most popular beverage! Contributors include some of Australia's most respected beer experts, including Paul Mercurio, Matt Kirkegaard and Peter Aldred.
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