The Crystal Cave

Wolker, Lisa

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Crystal Cave/Wolker, Lisa/Paper/AAAA000639/S034-C


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Publisher: Blurb
ISBN-13: AAAA000639
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2009
In a land far away goblins and other mystical creatures are being held as slaves to the vicious trolls.

Power to their once beautiful forest is made by Magical Crystals.

The forest is now dark and limited of food and water. Until the remaining crystals are found their forest will always remain in the dark.

Sammy continued on in the opposite direction until he got to the tree.

Glowing down at him was a bright yellow crystal. He was feeling so excited he could hear his heart pounding inside of him.

As he reached up and tried to grab hold of the crystal the light covered his body and he felt his feet lifting off the ground.

My, my, you humans are big, the pixie says peering up his nostrils and in his ears.

YourÆe a funny looking creature. You have a very small nose. Again he stuck his pointy finger nail up SammyÆs nose.

With the help of two human families can they beat the trolls in finding these crystals or will they be locked up and held prisoner for the rest of their lives?
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Code: AA000639