The Defence Theory of Relativity

Cooper, Brian

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Defence Theory of Relativity/Cooper, Brian/Paper/1921240091/S040-G


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Publisher: Zeus Publications
ISBN-13: 9781921240096
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2007
The history of warfare is the history of the world, for war has shaped the world more than any one other factor. It has been rightly said that æmedicine has progressed on the dung-hills of warÆ, but this can also be said about much of our modern technology.

Most Australians, being a happy, sports loving people, pay scant attention to matters dealing with defence and foreign affairs. In the more recent conflicts in which Australia has been involved in the Middle East, South East Asia and the South West Pacific, the only Australians touched by these wars are the relatives and friends of the Australian Defence Force personnel who have been committed to these conflicts.

In The Defence Theory of Relativity Brian Cooper explains and simplifies some of the complexities of defence and foreign affairs taking us from the past history and development of warfare, through the current design, training and equipping of the Australian Defence Force, to possible future scenarios.

Does Australia have enough soldiers? What new fighter/strike aircraft should they purchase? Are the proposed new amphibious ships too large? What is the meaning of The Revolution in Military Affairs and Third Wave Warfare? Is Australia under threat? These and many other International and local defence questions are addressed in The Defence Theory of Relativity.
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