The Government in Exile and Other Stories

Collins, Paul (Children's author/SF/F)

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Government in Exile and Other Stories/Collins, Paul /Paper/0646197746/S051-C2


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Publisher: Sumeria
ISBN-13: 9780646197746
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 1994
The editor of Metaworlds, Penguin's successful compilation of Australian science fiction, presents here for the first time a volume of his own work. Long established as an author, editor and publisher of the influential Void series of magazines and books, this collection of stories provides for the first time a comprehensive overview of the work of one of Australia's leading science fiction figures.

"This is largely what SF is all about: presenting plausible themes to suggest that things such as invisibility, Jekyl & Hyde potions, creation of Frankenstein monsters, the rebirth of dinosaurs, et al, might be possible. SF is an explorative genre, and here Paul Collins explores." - Jack Wodhams.
ID: 17404
Code: PC000002