The Mastery Club

Grace, Liliane

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Mastery Club/Grace, Liliane/Paper/097755080X/S020-E


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Publisher: Grace Productions
ISBN-13: 9780977550807
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2006
Nina surveyed me calmly. "The thing I really wanted to say is this: I'm planning to start a Mastery Club. And I'm looking for people who might be interested in joining. I got the feeling that you might be."

You don't expect a new kid to talk like that - to breeze in out of the unknown and want to enrol you in some weird project. There were a whole lot of questions on my mind, but I guess the most insistent was, "What's a Mastery Club?"

Natalie has long been fascinated by witches, wizards and the world of fantasy, but she wants to be able to do real magic. So when green-haired, unpredictable Nina bursts into her life with a plan to form a 'Mastery Club', Natalie's mind and world are opened to some startling possibilities and a colourful, creative family.

Natalie's friends, Billy, Clare and Sandy, join the Mastery Club too, and together they learn about the nature of reality and their divine potential. They are introduced to powerful tools like creative visualisation, affirmations and treasure maps, as one by one they find a goal or challenge to undertake - everything from passing maths tests to creating a family holiday in the Greek Islands.

Mentors turn up and there are crises to face and obstacles to deal with as this group of friends embarks on their quest to be all they can be and make their dreams come true.
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