The Moral Compass: A Personal Search for Meaning

Robertson, Derek

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Moral Compass: A Personal Search for M/Robertson, Der/Paper/9799840120/S003-B


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Publisher: Eka Kolese Indonesia Australia
ISBN-13: 9789799840127
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2006
Written before the 'discovery' of the Higgs boson and gravity waves, The Moral Compass is at once a paean to twentieth-century science and a strong defence of the scientific method as it applies to the big questions of cosmology, morality and ethical behaviour.

Strong ethics and sound morals, as the author argues, predate all the great testamentary books on which world religions are based. Indeed, these very 'human' attributes have provided humans with additional 'survival value' against the forces of natural selection.
ID: 257888
Code: AA000682