The Perils of Progress: The Health and Environment Hazards of Modern Technology, & What You Can Do about Them

Ashton, John/ Laura, Ron

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Perils of Progress: The Health and Env/Ashton, John/ /Paper/0868404888/S050-D1


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Publisher: UNSW Press
ISBN-13: 9780868404882
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 1998
'The Perils of Progress' is a truly pioneering book. It is essential reading for all those interested in their own and their family's health, the well-being of the environment and the long-term future of the planet - in other words, all of us. Clearly written, comprehensive in its coverage and meticulously researched, 'The Perils of Progress' calls on the latest scientific research to challenge our society's largely unquestioning commitment to new technology. While modern technology has no doubt brought many benefits, the authors believe that Western society's reliance on the latest technology as a cure-all for our problems is seriously misplaced - in some cases dangerously so. The authors consider a vast array of health and environmental issues that include: * the damaging effects on human health of certain microwaves, including those from mobile phones, mobile phone base stations and television transmission towers. * the ongoing debate about the effects on human health of aluminium in food and other consumer products. * the growing body of evidence which indicates that the trans-polyunsaturated acids formed in most margarines during manufacture may be more detrimental to health than butter. * the growing understanding that the amount of natural daylight entering the eyes can contribute significantly to the body's ability to fight disease. These are only a few of many provocative discussions of the most topical and misunderstood health issues of our times. The book's conclusions are supported by research findings from around the world. Despite revealing much that is disagreeable and sometimes distressing about the adverse effects of modern technology, each chapter ends with a positive and empowering "What You Can Do" section. In these, readers are offered practical advice on the steps they can take to protect their health, and the condition of the environment.
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