The Secret Sins of the Suburban Swaggy: Comic and Satiric Pieces

Myers, David

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Secret Sins of the Suburban Swaggy: Co/Myers, David/Paper/1876780029/S048-C2


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Publisher: Central Queensland University Press
ISBN-13: 9781876780029
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2000
The gods may well go crazy...

but human beings are ever crazier. Welcome to mondo cane in Brave New Australia! In this absurd book a patriarch without portfolio grapples with unisex, academics charge windmills, the University of Great Keppel Island is founded and Juliet works to union regulations in a brothel. The globe-trotting suburban swaggy fails utterly to cope with the Baghwan Rajneesh of India, yin and yang shrines in Japan, a cheerful ex-Nazi in Bavaria and a naked girl on a Harley Davidson. Truly, life wasn't meant to be easy.
ID: 338
Code: CQ000034