The Story of Iguana Don

Robertson, Derek / Soejakto, Tomas (Illustrator)

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Story of Iguana Don/Robertson, Der/Paper/9799840139/S060-R


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Publisher: Eka Kolese Indonesia Australia
ISBN-13: 9789799840134
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2009
At some time in his life, every little boy makes the mistake of bringing home a strange and inappropriate pet and his parents patiently explain why he cannot keep it.

So what happens when the little boy grows up making the same mistake and there are no parents to guide him?

The Story of Iguana Don is not really about an Iguanadon at all. It is about a kind-hearted but soft-headed young man who decides to adopt a Komodo Dragon as a household pet. As you can imagine, bad things happen when people take unnecessary risks, and poor Don is no exception to the rule...
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