The Temptation Triangle

Scales, Michelle

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Publisher: Michelle Scales
ISBN-13: 9780646554860
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2011
This is the story of one woman who experiences, first hand, each side of the Temptation Triangle as: a wife, whose husband cheated with another woman; the other women, who cheated with someone else's husband; and a wife who cheated on her husband with another man.

The Temptation Triangle takes you on a journey of raw emotion, blissful romance and broken dreams within these relationships. Michelle shares her private diary entries as the emotional roller coaster of her triangle reveals the lust, the lovers and the lies.

Michelle wrote her personal story so that others can know that affairs (although difficult at the time) are not the end of their world. So many women (and men) today find themselves inside the triangle... by sharing her story Michelle hopes that her readers know that they are not alone and that working through an affair and learning to challenge themselves everyday they can fulfil their dreams, desires and destiny.

The Temptation Triangle is also a book of help and assistance. It reminds you that writing is a powerful tool when you are faced with difficult times, it also contains poems and songs. Psychologist Dr Julie Ford has provided you with a personal psychology session that can help you work on your own relationship by defining your expectations and your partner's expectations within your own relationship.
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