The Twelfth Man

Gordon, Christopher

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Twelfth Man/Gordon, Christ/Paper/1921574726/S022-E


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Publisher: Poseidon Books
ISBN-13: 9781921574726
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2009
IRAQ 1850's: Archaeologist Sir Henry Layard discovers Twenty-Five Thousand Sumerian clay tablets buried deep in earth. Commissioned by the Queen to translate their coded meanings, he begins to pen a journal. Could Sir Henry’s discovery evidence Man’s birthplace and manipulation by a ruling class of Blue Bloods?

TODAY: In the midst of a deadly H1N2 flu epidemic unleashed upon the world’s population, twelve of the most influential financiers hold a clandestine Summit in Western Europe, headed by The Albino, a man claimed to be Marquis de Illuminati. Their secret agenda, masked as the so-called “cure”: A Microchipped Population. When Doc Mitchell, Senior Intelligence Officer with the NSA (National Security Agency) learns of The Albino’s agenda, he assigns Guy Fawkes, a mind-controlled assassin, to eliminate several key players, including the first Australian-born President of the World Bank, Randall P. Cahill, who’s now refusing to back loans to finance the human implantation process.

Doc knows this Mission will implicate the President of the United States Richard Davies (his close friend and Freemasonic Brother), top politicians and investors, who now stand to lose their fortunes in a vast criminal conspiracy.

Will Guy Fawkes complete his mission?

Meanwhile, millions are dying daily across the world, and something must be done.
ID: 189619
Code: ZE000017