Understanding Year 12 Maths: Extension 1 (2 & 3 Unit Course)

Shur, Max

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Publisher: Accelerated Maths Learning
ISBN-13: 9781875462131
Series: Understanding Maths Series
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2009
Students in High School are required to memorise many hundreds of formulae, theorems, facts and techniques. Maths teachers agree that, in order to be successful in any exam, it is essential that students:
  • Understand all the formulae;
  • Memorise all the formulae;
  • Know how to apply each of the formulae.
This series of summary books has been designed to satisfy the above three requirements, and thus enable students to obtain better test and exam results. Each of these summary books is very different to the normal school text. This book covers:
  • Coordinate Methods in Geometry (6.8);
  • Applications of Geometrical Properties (2.5);
  • Geometrical Applications of Differentiation (10.1-10.8);
  • Integration (11.1-11.4);
  • Trigonometric Functions (13.1-13.7);
  • Logarithmic and Exponential Functions (12.1-12.5);
  • Applications of Calculus to the Physical World;
  • Probability (3.1-3.3);
  • Series Applications (7.5);
  • Methods of Integration (11.5);
  • Primitive of sin(2)x and cos(2)x;
  • Equation dN/dt = k(N-P) (14.2E);
  • Projectile Motion (14.3E);
  • Simple Harmonic Motion (14.4);
  • Inverse Functions and Inverse Trig Functions (15.1-15.5);
  • Binomial Theorem (17.1-17.3);
  • Further Probability (18.2);
  • Interactive Methods for Numerical Estimation of the Roots of a Polynomial Equation (16.4).
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Code: AML00010