What's Left?: The Death of Social Democracy

Hamilton Clive

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What's Left?: The Death of Social Demo/Hamilton Clive/Paper/1863951822/S026-F


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Publisher: Black Inc
ISBN-13: 9781863951821
Series: Quarterly Essay Issue 21
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2006
According to Clive Hamilton the author of two recent Australian bestsellers, Growth Fetish and Affluenza - Australia needs a completely new politics built on the world as we find it. In his provocative new essay, he throws out a challenge to the party of social democracy, the Labor Party - to both its true believers on the left and its right-wing machine men. What s Left? shows how the world today has little in common with the world that spawned social democracy. We no longer have social classes in the same way, we are ever more individualistic, and the locus of power and of cultural change has shifted to the consumption sphere.

Yet social democracy and the Labor Party in particular, operates in large part in a mental space that has failed to acknowledge these changes. Modern left and right are so alike because they both accept that the principal objective of politics is to stoke the economy and look after the interests of the wealth creators.

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