Who Loves Lucy?

Sayer-Jones, Moya

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Who Loves Lucy?/Sayer-Jones, M/Paper/0143302426/S052-B1


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Publisher: Puffin
ISBN-13: 9780143302421
Binding: Paperback
Year Published: 2005
Great Expectation #1: My parents are sane and normal and will behave that way. (Wrong)
Great Expectation #2: My own room + enough wardrobe space = personal happiness. (Wrong)
Great Expectation #3: My life can be just like a Hollywood movie. (Wrong Wrong Wrong!)

Hi, my name is Lucy Flowers and I'd like to thank you for picking up this book. I don't necessarily expect you to take it home, though. Sure, I hope you do. But I don't expect it.

I mean, after everything I've been through this year, I'd be crazy to start expecting stuff all over again, wouldn't I? Expectations are what caused all the trouble in the first place. Along with my big sister, Jaynie. And her stupid friend, Kylie. And my super-cool parents, who turn out to be not so cool after all. And my best friend Sam, who suddenly goes all weird on me. And, of course, there is this guy . . . (who would have expected that?)

Meet Lucy Flowers - smart, lovable and very funny. Who loves Lucy? You will!
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