Wired Style: Principles of English Usage in the Digital Age

Hale, Constance (Editor)

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Wired Style: Principles of English Usa/Hale, Constanc/Spira/1888869011/S056-D2


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Publisher: HardWired
ISBN-13: 9781888869019
Binding: Spiral
Year Published: 1996
"Constance Hale makes sense of the lingo of the Digital Revolution (which I here learned is always to be capitalized) with deft authority, weeding out deadwood while nourishing the green shoots of vitality and wit that make computerese - for better or worse - the most innovative area of the English language today." - Timothy Ferris, author of 'The Mind's Sky'. "Cyberspace has become so ubiquitous that all editors need to understand its language. Knowing how Wired handles language will give editors a useful frame of reference." - Mary Beth Protomastro, editor and publisher, 'Copy Editor'. An experiment in nonlinear, networked editing, 'Wired Style might be called an Elements of Style for the 21st century. It explores questions of how to write powerfully in a time of a whole new communications powerhouse: the Net. It sets style for a nascent lexicon. It captures the energy of Wired's editors, who often resolve style and usage questioning through rollicking email discussions. 'Wired Style' is guided by real usage, not rigid rules, and it smacks of the language evolving as we head into the new millennium.
ID: 13991
Code: WL01825